My first attempt at a Thranduil string doll ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

This took way longer than it should have shh procrastination shhh, mostly because I was figuring out how to make his outfit by trial and error and that took some time. Also it’s my first time sewing an outfit of any kind so I messed up. A lot. I’m not too happy with how his crown turned out too, so maybe I’ll find a better way to make it in the future. But he’s done for now!

Jon Snow string doll for Julia. If he seems dirty it was because I wanted to create the weathered look on his clothes.

i think i failed tbh

(my previous dolls)

My second string doll after Jaqen. This time I made Daenerys for Ashley. Tried to recreate Dany’s Qartheen dress as best I can. :)


I’ve been working on this string doll for the past two days. This is my first try, and he actually looks quite nice! I hold him so carefully like a precious lil baby I’m so scared he’ll break apart asdfghjkl. His hair is not supposed to look that…orangey, btw. Blame my camera. Or the lighting.

Took a whole lot of pictures since I don’t get to keep him. :( I’m packing him up and mailing him….somewhere.